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the four right chords can make me cry

(insert witty name here)
30 rock, aeneid, akiva schaffer, alice in wonderland, andy samberg, animaniacs, arrested development, beans with george wendt, being terribly witty, blaine thurier's awesomeness, blazing saddles, brian lin, buzzers, cake, calvin and hobbes, calvinball, catullus, certamen, challengers, checking my neighbor, christopher walken, cicero, classical civilization, classics, conceptual physics, dactyls, dance dance revolution, darth tater, dead languages, dogma, douglas adams, ecce, elmo, fake news, ferris bueller's day off, fizx, flaming lips, franz ferdinand, gene wilder, ijcl, italy, jason bateman, jcl, jeopardy!, jorma taccone, junior classical league, ken jennings, latin, latin conventions, latin geeks, latin nerds, led zeppelin, liberals, lincoln douglas debate, living, macintosh, macs, making fun of dumbasses, making fun of smith, mel brooks, mike myers, monty python, mr. potato head, mr. thermometer, mythology, nanowrimo, napoleon dynamite, national junior classical league, nerds, ninjas, njcl, office space, paul g. hewitt, photography, pinky & the brain, pirates, pompeii, potato condrad, project runway, rami jaffee's awesome hats, rock, rome, s(mu)s, s(mu)s squad, saturday night live, schoolhouse rock, schoolhouse rock rocks!, smughes, smughes squad, spaceballs, spamalot, spondees, steve carrell, strong bad, superbad, swatches, sµs, sµs squad, teen girl squad, that's entertainment, the bluths, the lonely island, the magnetic fields, the new pornographers, the office, the postal service, the producers, the shins, the simpsons, the wallflowers, the white stripes, the who, togas, turningthelivesofpeopleiknowintosoapoperas, vergil, wayne's world, white stripes, wilco, zach braff